Best activities at Mirdif City Centre Dubai

Mirdif City Centre Dubai is one of the best places in Dubai and one of Dubai’s most popular  malls in Dubai. Mirdif Mall Dubai offers many diverse stores, service centers and entertainment  destinations. 

Mirdif City Dubai is located on an area of approximately 200,000 square meters on Sheikh  Mohammed bin Zayed Road. It was opened in 2010 and is affiliated with Majid Al Futtaim  Group. 

Mirdif Mall Dubai, which is visited by about 24 million visitors annually, includes about 385  stores; belonging to about 500 international brands, by checking them you can find what you  are looking for. 

Mirdif City Centre Dubai location  

In the Emirate of Dubai, specifically in the northeast region of Mirdif, on Sheikh Mohammed  bin Zayed Road, there is Mirdif Dubai Mall. The location of Mirdif City Centre Dubai can be  reached easily by more than one means, the most important of which is the metro. You can take  the metro to get off at the nearest point of the mall at Rashidiya Station. 

One of the features that Mirdif City Dubai offers to its visitors is that it provides shuttle buses at  Rashidiya Station to transport visitors to the mall directly. 

Mirdif City Dubai is the perfect place for family shopping

The mall administration has always been keen to be the ideal place for family shopping, by taking care of children’s need, who may prevent parents from shopping comfortably. 

For this, some services have been provided to help the visitors to stay in the mall for a longer  period of time comfortably and smoothly, such as: 

 Child hosting service in Mirdif City Centre 

You can roam in the mall completely freely and comfortably without worrying about your  children, as the service of hosting children has been provided in Mirdif City Centre with the  presence of nannies specialized in dealing with children. 

Baby feeding and diaper changing rooms 

In order for the mother and her children to roam freely and comfortably in Mirdif Mall Dubai,  there must be centers that help her take care of her infant, where there are rooms for nursing  children and changing diapers, as well as diaper vending machines. 

Mirdif Mall Dubai Timings: 

City Centre Mirdif opening hours: 

From Sunday to Wednesday, from 10:00am to 10:00pm 

On holidays from Thursday to Saturday, from 10:00am to 12:00am. 

Things to do in City Centre Mirdif 

Many of Dubai malls, including City Centre Mirdif, have been keen to offer a variety of  recreational activities to its visitors, but what you find in the mall is real amazing: 

  1. iFly Dubai Mirdif City Centre (indoor skydiving)

One of the most amazing things to do in City Centre Mirdif. The true meaning of excitement is  embodied in iFly Dubai Mirdif City Centre, which offers a wonderful and exciting experience  of free flying and jumping in the air. 

Of course, it is dangerous to be about ten meters high, but with all the safety means that the  centre provides to its visitors, you get rid of anxiety or fear, on the contrary, you will feel  excitement and fun. 

Safety and Entry Instructions to iFly Mirdif Mall Dubai 

You will find a group of skilled trainers who will train and advise you before starting the  adventure of air jumping, and they will continue to follow you during your experience,  with a theoretical lecture on how to fly in the air and introduction to sign language that  allows them to communicate with the adventurers. 

Weights allowed for practicing this sport are up to 150kg.  

Allowed ages starting from the age of five years. 

If you suffer from diseases such as heart or spinal injuries or dislocated shoulder, you  cannot go through this experience. 

One day a week is dedicated for women only, where a full team of female trainers is  available to train visitors on how to fly and be with them in their experience 

iFly Dubai is the first indoor flight centre, which is designed in the form of two tubes, ten  meters high and three meters in diameter, and made of acrylic. Air is pumped by two fans that  generate winds with a force of 200 kilometers per hour, gradually in the tube to reach the  desired height of the adventurer. Don’t miss it while you are in Mirdif City Centre Dubai, and enjoy the most wonderful experience of flying in the air at all that you will not find in many  Dubai malls.

iFly Dubai Mirdif City Centre 

  1. Little Explorers City Centre Mirdif

The Little Explorers Centre is the true meaning of educational play, as the centre provides  educational and entertainment services for kids from the age of two years.

The centre includes three sections, gradual in level to suit the thinking and mentality of children  in their different age stages, which provide them with information and entertainment  appropriate to their ages 

  •  Space Zone 

This section reviews outer space with all it includes of planets, galaxies and space stations,  where kids at this section enjoys adventure and play that aims to teach him a lot about the world  of space without feeling bored and it is an amazing activity in City Centre Mirdif for children.  

  • Water Zone 

Many government agencies have become aiming to spread awareness of the importance of the  drop of water in life and continuity of all creatures. 

But the words are not enough to raise awareness, so the Little Explorers Centre has provided  many games and recreational activities that direct children to the importance of conserving  water and show the importance of water for humans, animals and plants. 

The centre was also keen to provide interesting educational content related to the water cycle in  nature and to explain the ways of obtaining it and methods of discharging it 

  • Playing Zone  

This section is dedicated to the development of the child’s physical and intellectual skills, as it  offers interesting games that raise the child’s sense of adventure and movement, while raising  the efficiency of coordination among all his senses. 

Do not deprive your child of the enjoyment of being in the Little Explorers Centre in Mirdif  Dubai Mall, it is really worth a visit. 

And do not forget the working hours of the Little Explorers Centre in Mirdif City Centre Dubai,  starting daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm.  

  1. Magic Planet City Centre Mirdif Dubai

There are many things to do in City Centre Mirdif, one of them is visiting Magic Planet. You  will find it on the first floor, which offers many entertainment games for all visitors, both young  and old, who share with their children many exciting games, whether in action games, riding  games and even video games. 

It is no wonder that the Magic Planet is given the title of Family Entertainment Centre, and for  more joy and excitement, the Magic Planet offers its visitors many gifts and prizes that they get  from the points that they have from the games they win, to complete the fun and joy 

Magic Planet Mirdif City Centre Timings  

Daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm. 

On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from 10:00am to 12:00am. 

Magic Planet City Centre Mirdif Dubai

  1. Yalla! Bowling at City Centre Mirdif

At Yalla! Bowling Hall, you can compete with your friends and family, it is different from  traditional bowling alleys in terms of its design and infrastructure. If you are a bowling  enthusiast, definitely give it a shot when you visit this mall in Mirdif. You will have the best  bowling experience at this place, which you will find on the first floor.  

Yalla! Bowling at City Centre Mirdif Timings 

Daily from 10:00am – 10:00pm 

Yalla! Bowling at City Centre Mirdif

  1. Sky Trail / Climbing Wall at Mirdif City Centre

You can get an extra dose of the natural adrenaline that your body produces when feeling  excited, by climbing the 13-meter-long hanging wall in Mirdif City Centre Dubai. 

City Centre Mirdif Dubai guide 

Best restaurants in City Centre Mirdif, Dubai 

Diversity is the dominant feature in City Centre Mirdif restaurants. The most famous Dubai  restaurants you will find in the mall, which are about 80 international and local restaurants, all  offer delicious food and sweets, and there are many international cafes. 

If you are a fan of oriental and western sweets, you will find a variety of options among the  following restaurants: 

Al Rifai 




But if you are looking for a restaurant that serves delicious eastern or western dishes, there are  many options, including: 



Ocean Basket 

And if you are a fan of fast food and prefer to eat a fast meal, there are various food courts  within the City Centre Mirdif including many restaurants such as: 

Pizza Hut 


Texas Chicken

If you are looking for a café to take your favorite drink to complete your tour of Mirdif City  Centre, there is more than one café that you can enjoy sitting in, such as: 



So T 

food court mirdif city centre

City Centre Mirdif cinema 

To complete the fun of entertainment and shopping, do not miss watching the latest  international and Arab films at VOX Cinemas Mirdif City Centre Dubai. 

Where you will find 10 VOX Cinemas, all of which show films with highly advanced  technologies, with distinctive cinema halls that provide an enjoyable viewing. 

VOX Cinemas Mirdif City Dubai tickets Prices 

2D films, the ticket price is 35 AED. 

3D films, the ticket price is 47 AED. 

2D films in Vox Max halls, the ticket price is 45 AED. 

3D films in the Vox Max hall, the ticket price is 57 AED. 

2D films in the children’s hall, the ticket price is 40 AED. 

3D films in the children’s hall, the ticket price is 50 AED. 

IMAX hall ticket price is 80 AED. 

2D films in the Gold Hall, the ticket price is 120 AED. 

3D films in the Gold Hall, the ticket price is 147 AED. 

Ticket price in Hall 4DX is 130 AED. 

Ticket price in the theater halls is 160 AED. 

VOX Cinemas Mirdif Mall Dubai Timings  

  • From Sunday to Wednesday, from 10:00am to12:00am  
  • On holidays and weekends, Thursday and Friday, from 10:00am to 1:00am  

VOX Cinemas Mirdif City Dubai

Shops in City Centre Mirdif 

Visitors are welcome to visit the Mirdif City Centre stores, where you will find everything you  are looking for. 

You will find many branches for luxury brands in City Centre Mirdif Dubai, which gives the  visitor the opportunity to shop for luxury to get the largest international brands of many  products. 

Clothing stores in City Centre Mirdif Dubai

The most famous international brands that offer men’s and women’s fashion, you will find it in  clothing stores in Mirdif City Centre Dubai, such as: 

  • H&M 
  • Adidas. 
  • Timberland 

Electronics appliances in City Centre Mirdif 

You will find the latest releases of devices and mobiles in Mirdif City in Dubai. Where you will  find what you are looking for and did not find it outside the mall by wandering in the stores of  famous brands such as 

  • Bose. 
  • IMAX. 
  • Axiom. 

Jewelry and watch shops in City Centre Mirdif Dubai 

When you are in the jewelry and watch shops in Mirdif Mall, you will be able to buy the rarest  jewelry and the most luxurious watches from the most famous international brands, which you  will find in the following stores:. 

  • Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. 
  • Liali Jewellery. 

Bhaskar Devji Jewellers. 

Carrefour hypermarket in City Centre Mirdif  

Everything you are looking for you will find under the roof of the Carrefour hypermarket,  Mirdif Mall, Dubai, which provides food, household electrical appliances and electronics for  international brands. 

You can shop in Carrefour City Centre Mirdif daily from 9:00am to 12:00am, and on Thursdays  and Fridays, from 9:00am to 1:00am. 

Hotels near City Centre Mirdif Dubai 

After the pleasant touring trip you spend in the Mall, you will need a hostel to relax in. If you  are looking for hotels near Mirdif City in Dubai, we will show you the best hotels in Dubai, and  some of the distinctive hotels in the Emirates. 

1- Holiday Inn – Dubai Festival City

With many recommendations from guests, Holiday Inn – Dubai Festival City is the ideal hotel  for accommodation next to the City Centre Mirdif Mall. 

All of them gave the hotel a mark of excellence in its location and also in the services it  provides for its good price 

If you are a shopaholic and you are in the Emirate of Dubai and want to stay in the best hotels  in the Emirates, do not hesitate to book a room at the Holiday Inn – Dubai Festival City, at the  end of your visit to Dubai, to enjoy shopping in the mall before leaving. 

Holiday Inn Dubai Festival City features 

The price is very special in exchange for the services it provides to the guests, including  comfortable rooms, free internet service and breakfasts including the accommodation. You can enjoy the Imagine Show area where you will find the largest water projection  screen, light and laser. 

You can go to the airport for free, and this is by providing buses belonging to the hotel  that take guests to the airport 

2- ibis Styles Dragon Mart Dubai 

The three-star ibis Styles Dragon Mart hotel offers many services to its guests and many  features that motivate them to stay in it for the following reasons: 

It is 15 minutes drive from Dubai International Airport. 

Close to Mirdif City in Dubai. 

It is only 10 minutes away from Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. 

The Jumeirah beach area is very close to the hotel location. 

This means that you are in the Ibis Styles Dragon Mart Hotel, you can shop and enjoy  wandering around the best malls in Dubai, and the most famous landmarks in Dubai. 

3- J5 Four Bedroom Villa Holiday home in Mirdif 

If you are looking for privacy during your stay in Dubai, we advise you to book your own villa  at J5 Four Bedroom Villa Holiday home in Mirdif City Centre. 

There are many advantages you get when you live there, such as: 

It is near Dubai International Airport. 

Accommodation for a large number of people at a price lower than the prices of  accommodation in hotels in the Emirates, where the villa provides four bedrooms with  the highest standard equipment. 

Close to the most important shopping centers of the Emirates such as Dubai Mall, Dubai  World Trade Centre, City Walk Mall, and Mirdif City Centre Dubai.

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