The most important things to know about Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al Arab Dubai, one of the most important global hotel destinations, and one of the most  important Landmarks in the Emirates. 

It was categorized as a seven-star hotel for the luxury of services provided to the guest that  make them feel like royalty, despite being a five-star hotel. 

Burj Al Arab Hotel is also one of the most important tourist places to go in Dubai, the most  luxurious hotel in the Emirates, and this is evident in every detail of its establishment, starting  with the unique architectural design that made it an icon of Dubai. 

Burj Al Arab location  

Where is Burj Al Arab located? 

  • In Jumeirah district in the Emirate of Dubai, Burj Al Arab Hotel was established, 100 meters  from the seashore on an artificial island. 
  • Burj Al Arab is 26 km from Dubai Airport. 

How to get to Burj Al Arab Hotel 

Luxury begins when you request a car, as the hotel sends BMW or a Rolls Royce. 

As for important figures and VIPs, they can reach Burj Al Arab Hotel by boarding a luxury  helicopter and lands on the roof of the hotel. 

Burj Al Arab design 

At the beginning, the aim of erecting Burj Al Arab was to become a famous landmark. As it  was designed in the form of a traditional Arab boat sail, and in order to complete the design in  harmony, an artificial island was established in the middle of the sea, on which the hotel have  been built, connected by a bridge over the water that connects from the beach to the island of  Burj Al Arab Hotel. 

Thus, Burj Al Arab became for the viewer from afar, as if he saw a sailboat actually sailing in  the sea, as you can find and Download the perfect Burj Al Arab pictures and Burj Al Arab  Drawing.  

Burj Al Arab Hotel 

  • Burj Al Arab Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai, due to its different design  and luxurious décor which have been executed carefully in every detail. 
  • The hotel consists of 60 floors, and it includes 202 luxurious rooms and is serviced by 18  elevators. 
  • More than 30% of the hotel’s space is not used as a place to stay due to the design. • At the top of the hotel there is a helipad, which serves VIP visitors. 
  • On the 18th floor, there is everything you need for a therapeutic recreation, where you will  find a health club, Talise Burj Al Arab Spa, Talise Fitness and Aerobics, next to squash courts. 
  • The hotel has five swimming pools, three outdoor pools and two indoor pools.

Burj Al Arab Dubai

Important information about Burj Al Arab in Dubai 

  • Preparations for the construction of Burj Al Arab began since the beginning of the  implementation of the artificial island in the sea, which began in 1994 and continued for three  years to complete the island and become ready to establish one of the longest hotels in the  world. 
  • Work continued on the construction of Burj Al Arab Hotel for two years, until it was  officially opened in 1999. 
  • Jumeirah Group, the owner of Burj Al Arab Hotel, assigned the implementation of the project  to one of the world’s largest architectural companies, Atkins Office, which embodied the idea  into a tangible reality and Burj Al Arab Dubai became a luxury hostel for international  dignitaries. 
  • Burj Al Arab height is about 321 meters, and thus it took the third place in the list of the  highest hotels in the world. 
  • The cost of constructing Burj Al Arab in Dubai is estimated at about 650 Million Dollars . 

Burj Al Arab Hotel has won many international awards, including: 

  • Five Star Award from Forbes Travel Guide. 
  • The 2018 Leading Hotel Award from the World Tourism Award. 
  • The award for the best hotel in the world for the year 2018 from the Telegraph Ultra. • Best Hotel Award in the Middle East for the year 2018 from the Telegraph Ultra. • Burj Al Arab hotel is called also Jewel in Dubai or The Arabian sail. 

Best recreational activities at Burj Al Arab Dubai 

Other than the luxurious accommodation that you will enjoy, there are many events and  activities that add to the pleasure of your stay. 

1- Monitoring and follow-up of rehabilitated turtles 

Burj Al Arab administration in Dubai has been keen to activate environmental activities that  contribute to maintaining the ecological balance, and this is what it notices from seeing many  sea turtles swimming in the territorial waters of the Emirates, which were released after  receiving the necessary veterinary care. 

2- Wild Wadi Water Park 

Enjoy a unique entertainment experience when you stay at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which gives  you a free entry card to the Wild Wadi Park, and you will enjoy swimming in the wave pool as  well as you can ride the artificial waves in Florida game, and children can enjoy in the Juha  Lake area. 

For lovers of exciting water slides, you can enjoy a 120-meter slide in Jumeirah Sceirah. Working hours at Wild Wadi Park are from 10:00am to 6:00pm. 

Wild Wadi Water Park

3- Visit the landmarks of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah 

Enjoy a tour in the deserts of Dubai City, through which you can touch the smallest details of  life in Burj Al Arab Dubai through desert safari trips, visit the Heritage Village, visit the Dubai Creek  coast, and tour the Gold Souk 

4- Aquatic sports 

You can enjoy swimming in Jumeirah Beach near Burj Al Arab Dubai or in the Arabian Gulf and  kayaking, surfing and sailing. 

5- Kids Club 

Free kid care service is provided to Burj Al Arab hotel guests or members of Talise Health  Club, with specialized nannies to deal with kids 

Kids can also enter the Sinbad’s Kids Club for free and enjoy the most wonderful interactive  and kinetic games

6- Jet Ski Burj Al Arab 

Enjoy a cruise along the Dubai coastline by driving a jet ski. Awe at the Burj Khalifa and  Dubai Skyscrapers and take great holiday snaps. Admire the mesmerizing JBR, Burj Al Arab,  Dubai Marina and the great Atlantis, the Palm during the ride. 

Amazing facts about the decorations inside Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai Burj Al Arab facts:  

1- The hotel has about 28,000 lights for its lighting. 

2- About 2000 square meters of 24-carat gold leaf was used to decorate the hotel’s interior. 3- The purest types of glass were used to cover an area of 44,000 square meters of the  hotel’s facade. 

4- The carpets furnished in Burj Al Arab Dubai Hotel were imported from India and South Africa. 5- 30 kinds of the most luxurious and rarest marble for Burj Al Arab floors and walls were  brought from Italy and Brazil. 

6- Chandeliers were brought from Britain. 

7- The Royal Suite has its own cinema screen, and it is accessed by climbing a golden  staircase. 

8- All pillows and quilts are made of bird feathers imported from Iceland. 9- 10 million mosaic tiles were used to decorate Burj Al Arab pools. 

10- 21,000 Swarovski crystals were used to decorate the hotel. 

11- The largest crystal in the world decorate the ceiling of Junsui Restaurant in Burj Al  Arab, Dubai 

Burj Al Arab restaurant 

At Burj Al Arab Dubai you can find the most famous restaurants in Dubai, which includes restaurants  managed with unique international standards. 

  1. Al Mahara Restaurant Dubai

Eating in the atmosphere of Al Mahara Restaurant has a special feeling, as it is distinguished  by its transparent walls made of acrylic with great tolerance to pressure, which shows the  marine life under the surface of the water. 

Enjoy the most delicious seafood, from the hand of world-class chef Nathan Outlaw. In order to complete the luxury of the experience, make sure to wear formal clothes. The average price of Al Mahara Burj Al Arab Restaurant Dubai for two people is 1300 AED. You can find Al Mahara Restaurant in Burj Al Arab Dubai on the ground floor.

Burj Al Arab restaurant 

  1. Al Iwan Restaurant

Enjoy tasting delicious Arabic food prepared with special spices in a unique atmosphere of  Arab décor, arabesque seats and golden columns, as if you were sitting in one of kings’ palaces. 

Prepare for the experience by wearing formal clothes. 

The cost per person starts from 470 AED. 

You can find Al Iwan Restaurant in the Burj Al Arab Hotel on the first floor. 

  1. Bab Al Yam Restaurant

Enjoy the family gathering and eat delicious European and Middle Eastern dishes at Bab Al  Yam Restaurant, have Burj Al Arab dinner and lunch at the perfect place to go in comfortable  casual clothes to enjoy a session overlooking the Arabian Gulf. 

The average cost per person is 475 AED. 

You can find Bab Al Yam Restaurant in Burj Al Arab Dubai on the ground floor. 

  1. Junsui Restaurant

If you are a fan of Eastern food, we invite you to visit Junsui Restaurant and enjoy eating Asian  dishes in a place full of luxury with decorations, furniture and service. 

You can enter Junsui Restaurant in semi-formal clothes. 

The average cost per person is 500 AED. 

Junsui Restaurant is located in Burj Al Arab Dubai on the ground floor. 

  1. Summer Salt Restaurant

Eating Japanese dishes and drinks from the hands of the most famous international chefs who  prepared the recipes with Japanese steps with the addition of Latin flavors, to give a distinctive  taste different from the usual sushi dishes. 

The average cost for two people is 400 AED. 

You find it in the beach area in front of Burj Al Arab Dubai; you can enter in beach clothes.

  1. Sahn Eddar Restaurant, Burj Al Arab

Enjoy an imaginary session and pass through the glass hall to reach Sahn Eddar Restaurant and  Café. Enjoy Burj Al Arab breakfast in the morning and Burj Al Arab afternoon tea and Arabic  coffee. Do not miss watching live artistic performances and listening to oriental and Arabic  music. 

The average cost for two people is 500 AED. 

You can find Sahn Eddar Restaurant in Burj Al Arab Dubai on the first floor. 

  1. Al Muntaha Burj Al Arab Restaurant

At an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, enjoy eating the most delicious international  dishes, especially French, with a full view of Dubai City as if you were above the clouds. 

The average cost for two people is 1200 AED. 

Find Al Muntaha Restaurant in Burj Al Arab Dubai on the 27th floor. 

  1. Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab Café

We promise you to enjoy the finest juices and specially prepared cocktails at an altitude of 200  meters above sea level at the Skyview Restaurant & Café. 

The average cost for two people is 400 AED. 

You can find the Sky View Café on the 27th floor, in the Burj Al Arab Dubai. 

  1. Culinary Flight Restaurant

Culinary Flight Restaurant serves French-style seafood and vegetarian snacks. You can enter the restaurant in casual clothes. 

The cost per person is minimum 200 AED. 

Culinary Flight Restaurant is located on Burj Al Arab Terrace. 

  1. Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant

Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant in Burj Al Arab Dubai is characterized by elegant and simple decorations,  making it one of the romantic restaurants in Dubai, where the private Burj Al Arab beach is  located.

The restaurant serves a variety of delicious and best seafood such as grilled shrimp and lobster,  in addition to a variety of grilled meats. 

  1. Scape Restaurant

Scape Restaurant at Burj Al Arab is one of the most famous restaurants. The restaurant offers  wonderful view of the Palm Island and Burj Al Arab Dubai, in addition to its distinctive design that  reflects the elegance of the hotel. 

The restaurant serves dishes inspired by Californian cuisine with a wide range of seafood  dishes. 

Best restaurants near Burj Al Arab: 

1- Couqley French Bistro Dubai Beach Lounge 

2- Turkish Village – DF Mall Branch 

3- Ocean Blue Pool Bar 

4- Beachcombers 

5- Arabian Tea House 

Burj Al Arab Hotel prices 

If want luxury accommodation and have royal treatment you have to stay at Burj Al Arab  hotel, where you will find all the means of luxury and relaxation in Burj Al Arab rooms. The  hotel was designed to serve a certain segment of guests and this was reflected in the price of  entry to Burj Al Arab Dubai. 

  • The average price of a one-room deluxe suite is 1500$. 
  • The average price of a two-room deluxe suite is 2500$. 
  • The average price of a three-bedroom suite is 3500$. 

If you want to book the Kings Suite to enjoy an imaginary experience that is unmatched by  luxury, be prepared to pay 24000$ per night in the Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab Hotel  Dubai. 

For Burj Al Arab Dubai booking services visit the official website for it. 

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