Best activities at Mercato Mall Dubai

In the charming Italian style came the design of Mercato Mall Dubai, one of the most popular malls in  Dubai, which makes all shoppers feel that they are walking in an Italian neighborhood, with its  paved streets and unique architecture, and Italian music that you hear at all mall’s corners. 

Enjoy the natural light of the sun penetrating from the glass ceiling of Mercato Mall, and enjoy  wandering among its restaurants and shops that provide their services in a distinctive way, for  this is one of the best malls in Dubai. 

Mercato Mall Dubai includes 130 stores, displaying many international brands, on an area of 23  thousand square meters for the commercial part, out of the 60 thousand square meters area of  the mall as a whole, which is why it is one of Dubai’s most famous tourist and best places in  Dubai

Mercato Mall Dubai Location and services 

Close to Burj Al Arab, on Jumeirah Beach Road, Mercato Dubai Mall is located. 

Services at Mercato Mall

  • Providing a communication device to pay bills, which you can find on the first floor. • Outlets in Mercato Mall to pay fines by Dubai Police, which you can find on the first floor. • ATM machines on the ground and first floors. 
  • Exchange shops on the ground floor. 

Fun activities and things to do in Mercato Mall Dubai 

  1. VOX Cinema

VOX Cinemas in Mercato Mall is the latest cinema hall, and it has many features, the most  important of which is providing a meal service that you choose yourself from the menu. 

You can also book a ticket in one of the seven halls of VOX Mercato Mall Dubai, in several ways,  whether from the box office, through an application on your phone, or through the VOX  Cinemas website.

Vox Mercato Mall Dubai cinema tickets 

  • 2D films: 35 AED. 
  • 3D films: 47 AED.  
  • VIP hall, 2D films: 50 AED. 
  • VIP hall, 3D films: 62 AED.  

Mercato Mall cinema working hours are from 10:00am to 12:00am, and you can find it on the  first floor. 

Fun activities and things to do in Mercato Mall Dubai 

  1. Fun City – Indoor play area

One of the most interesting things to do in Mercato Mall for your kids is visiting Fun City.  Enjoy an atmosphere full of fun and activity for your kids and immerse them in fun in Fun City  Mall Mercato Dubai, where the fun and dynamic games. 

You will also find a group of fast food restaurants, sweets and ice cream spread around you. 

Fun City in Mercato Mall working hours are daily from 10:00am to 10:00pm, and you can find  it on the first floor. 

Shops in Mercato Shopping Mall 

1- Spinneys Supermarket 

One of the best integrated shopping experiences you will have when you enter the Spinneys  Mercato Mall supermarket, which offers all fresh and canned food products. 

It also offers personal care products and cosmetics, in addition to an ATM to facilitate the  shopping process. 

We promise you a 4000 square feet fun tour that you won’t get bored, you’ll find Spinneys on  the first floor. 

mercato mall dubai Spinneys Supermarket

2- Travel offices 

If you are planning a special vacation and are looking for an office to organize trips and travel,  equipment and travel bags, you will find everything you are looking for in Mercato Mall,  where you will find multiple travel agencies that offer special offers for travel and excursions,  including:. 

  • Dnata, you can find it on the first floor.
  • As for the travel necessities of bags and equipment, you will find it in the House of  Samsonite store, you will find it on the first floor 

3- Kids toy stores in Mercato Mall 

Offer your child the most beautiful gifts of fun toys that raise his cognitive and intellectual  abilities. You can find these toys in one of the kids’ toy shops in Mercato Mall Dubai,  including: 

  • The Early Learning Centre is located on the first floor. 
  • Toy Store, you can find it on the first floor. 

4- Perfume and cosmetics shops 

A touch of elegance for women will only be complete with perfumes and cosmetics. If you are  a fan of international brands and original perfumes, we promise you will find them in one of  the best Mercato Mall shops for perfume and cosmetics, including: 

  • Anfasic Dokhoon, you can find it on the ground floor. 
  • Atyab Al Marshoud, you can find it on the first floor. 
  • Flormar, you can find it on the ground floor. 
  • Kiehl’s, found on the ground floor. 

5- Jewelry and gold shops 

For lovers of precious stones, gold works and pure diamonds, we advise you to wander through  one of the jewelry stores in Mercato Mall, including: 

  • Liali Jewellery, you can find it on the first floor. 
  • Rivoli Watches is located on the ground floor. 
  • Pandora Watches and Jewelry is located on the first floor 

6- Fashion Stores 

Get ready for a tour of the world’s most luxurious clothing and fashion outlet in Mercato Mall,  which offer the latest fashion for women’s, men’s and kids ‘clothing, including best brand in  Mercato Mall: 

  • H&M, you can find it on the ground floor.
  • Bershka, you can find it on the ground floor. 
  • Gant Sportswear, you can find it on the first floor. 
  • Lim Women’s Wear, you can find it on the ground floor. 

7- Oleander Flower shop in Mercato Mall 

One of the most amazing places you can pass by while you visit Mercato Mall is Oleander. 

It is one of the international brands in arranging and selling flowers globally, which recently  broke into the UAE market. You can find it on the ground floor 

8- Electronics stores in Mercato Mall 

Buy all kinds of electronics, ranging from mobile phones to home appliances from these  popular electronics stores in Mercato Mall:  

Virgin Megastore 

Looking for the best shop to buy electronics in Dubai? If you want to purchase watches,  smartphones, tablets and computer accessories, head to the Virgin Megastore outlet in Mercato  Mall. You can find it on the first floor.  

Axion Telecom 

One of the biggest telecom retailers in the UAE, Axiom Telecom also has a shop catering to  customers’ mobile needs in the mall. It sells major telecom brands and the latest mobile  accessories. You can find it on the ground floor.  

Best restaurants in Mercato Dubai 

Many of Dubai’s most famous restaurants have opened, inside Mercato Mall Dubai, so that visitors  can enjoy shopping and eating delicious dishes at one of Mercato Dubai Mall restaurants. 

Azkadenya Restaurant 

Of the most wonderful oriental dishes that you can taste, you will only find it at Azkadenya  Restaurant, which offers international dishes with special Arabic flavors, you can find it on the  first floor.

mercato mall dubai Azkadenya Restaurant

Fast food restaurants 

Enjoy the delicious fast food, which you can find on the first floor, including: •Pizza Hut. 

  • KFC 
  • Hardee’s. 
  • McDonald’s. 
  • Shake Shack Burger, you can find it on the ground floor. 

Sweets and ice cream restaurants 

Enjoy the most delicious sweets you can taste by visiting these stores in Mercato Dubai Mall,  including:. 

  • Cinnabon. 
  • Häagen-Dazs 

Cafes in Mercato Mall Dubai 

  • Starbucks, you can find it on the ground floor. 
  • Costa Café, you can find it on the first floor. 
  • Paul Café, located on the ground floor. 

Hotels near Mercato Mall Dubai 

It’s easy to find hotels near Mercato Dubai Mall because of its strategic locations, and  therefore many hotels and distinguished accommodation inns are spread near it, including 

1- Amwaj Rotana – Jumeirah Beach Residence 

The four-star Amwaj Rotana Hotel is one of the finest hotels in Dubai, overlooking the  charming coast of Dubai. 

The hotel includes 300 rooms, and it has 4 distinct restaurants, and its location is close to  several important areas such as: 

  • Dubai World Trade Centre.
  • Jumeirah Beach. 
  • Jumeirah Beach Mall. 
  • Jumeirah Park. 
  • Mercato Dubai Mall 

2- Le Royal Meridien Resort 

Staying at the five-star Le Royal Meridien Resort helps you rejuvenate, as it is an integrated  health and beach resort, and it is one of the best hotels in the Emirates, being an ideal place for  recreation. 

The resort includes 500 rooms, 7 famous restaurants, and its location is close to: • Jumeirah Beach Souk. 

  • JBR Walk. 
  • Dubai Marina. 
  • The American University in Dubai. 
  • Mercato Mall Dubai. 

3- La Verda Suites and Villas Dubai Marina 

Privacy lovers who want to stay in a private place away from the crowds of hotels, we present  to you La Verda Suites and Villas Dubai Marina. 

You can stay in a one-room suite, even villas or penthouse apartments, equipped with full  kitchens and free Wi-Fi, and what distinguishes its unique location is its proximity to: 

  • Dubai Marina. 
  • Emirates Mall. 
  • Palm Jumeirah Island. 
  • Marina Mall. 

Mercato Mall Timings:  

Mercato Mall Dubai opening hours: daily from 10:00 am to 1:00am.

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