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Gold rate in Dubai
If you want to buy gold in Dubai you have to check out current Dubai gold price. Here you will
find today gold rate in Dubai in all its carats (24, 22, 18, 14) in the UAE, where gold rate in
Dubai has a slight increase or decrease, the following table monitors the latest update of gold
rate today Dubai & UAE.
Gold rate in Dubai today
Here are the gold rate in Dubai in UAE Dirham for the most commonly traded carats in Dubai,
which are 24 karat and today 22k gold rate in UAE, in addition to the gold price in Dubai today
for 21 karat, 18 karat and 12 karat, and the price of a kilo of gold in Dubai. Gold price update
today in the UAE

Gold rate in Dubai calculator by UAE dirham
You can use the gold price calculator in Dubai to find out today gold rate Dubai, enter the
amount of gold in grams or kilograms, and then choose the carat to find out today gold price in

Dubai Gold Rate

– The price of a gram of gold in the UAE 24 karat
– The price of a gram of gold in the UAE is 22 karat
– The price of a gram of gold in the UAE is 21 karat
– The price of a gram of gold in the UAE is 18 karat
Chart showing the price of gold in Dubai today per gram, karat 22
This chart shows a gram of gold rate in Dubai for one year (1 AED = 0.27 USD).
Gold rate in Dubai, US dollars, British pounds and Euros
Here you will find retail gold rates in Dubai today in foreign currencies

Average gold prices today in the financial markets in the UAE in UAE dirhams
symbol UAE dirham USA Dollar EURO GB Pound
24 karat gold price 214.67 AED $58.44 €55.96 £48.21
22 karat gold price 196.78 AED $53.57 €51.30 £44.20
21 karat gold price 187.83 AED $51.14 €48.97 £42.19
18 karat gold price 161.00 AED $43.83 €41.97 £36.16
14 karat gold price 125.22 AED $34.09 €32.64 £28.12
12 karat gold price 107.33 AED $29.22 €27.98 £24.11
gold ounce prices 6,676.84 AED $1,817.81 €1,740.56 £1,499.60
gold pound prices 1,502.66 AED $409.11 €391.72 £337.49
gold KG prices 214,665.50 AED $58,443.95 €55,960.37 £48,213.34
The last update of the gold price in the UAE on Thursday 2022-06-30 01:27 AM UAE Time


Gold rate in Dubai in the previous days


The average price of gold in the previous days in the UAE in the currency of UAE dirhams
Day karat 24 karat 22 karat 21 karat 18 karat 14 karat 12
2022-06-22 216.87 AED 198.80 AED 189.76 AED 162.65 AED 126.51 AED 108.44 AED
2022-06-23 215.48 AED 197.52 AED 188.54 AED 161.61 AED 125.69 AED 107.74 AED
2022-06-24 215.79 AED 197.81 AED 188.82 AED 161.84 AED 125.88 AED 107.89 AED
2022-06-25 215.79 AED 197.81 AED 188.82 AED 161.84 AED 125.88 AED 107.89 AED
2022-06-26 216.22 AED 198.20 AED 189.19 AED 162.16 AED 126.13 AED 108.11 AED
2022-06-27 215.34 AED 197.40 AED 188.43 AED 161.51 AED 125.62 AED 107.67 AED
2022-06-28 214.75 AED 196.86 AED 187.91 AED 161.06 AED 125.27 AED 107.38 AED
2022-06-29 214.67 AED 196.78 AED 187.83 AED 161.00 AED 125.22 AED 107.33 AED


Retail gold rates in Dubai today is one of the most important information for those who are
about to get married, and it is of interest to investors in the UAE, as gold is linked to the global
economy and is considered a safe haven for many, whether in the UAE or other Arab countries.

  • 1Gram of 24k gold is worth 214.67 AED
  • 1Gram of 22k gold is worth 196.78 AED
  • 1Gram of 21k gold is worth 187.83 AED
  • 1Gram of 18k gold is worth 161.00 AED

Important information
What is gold rate in Dubai in Tola?
Tola is a term used in India and other parts of Asia. It’s measure of gold 1 tola = 10 grams.
How is the price of gold determined?
The price of gold is set by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). Gold prices are
updated twice a day, first at 10.30 am and then at 3 pm (UK time). The price of gold is
determined based on the auction price. The standard currency is the US dollar for pricing gold
and it is also a standard currency for investors, central banks, gold producers, and customers.


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