Cove beach Dubai 2022: Location, Timings, Entry & more

Visitors and tourists to the Emirate of Dubai when choose area to live in, are keen to be close to the  distinctive tourist landmarks, perhaps the most important of which are the beaches, where they can  relax on the soft sands and enjoy various marine activities throughout the year due to the unique  climate of the Emirates.

Dubai’s beaches are distinguished by their distinctive facilities and  services, which make public and private beaches more like luxury resorts. One of these private  beaches is Cove Beach Dubai. 

Cove beach Dubai

Cove Beach Dubai gives its visitors an exceptional atmosphere through distinctive facilities with  modern designs and an atmosphere similar to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Cove Beach  Dubai includes a restaurant, a lounge and 3 swimming pools. It is worth noting that the location of  Cove Beach has changed as it was moved to Bluewaters Island to follow the Caesars Palace  Bluewaters and be Cove Beach Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai and extends over a huge area,  after it was called Cove Beach Jumeirah Hotel because it was located in the old area in Jumeirah  area, it was affiliated to Jumeirah Beach Hotel. 

Rose Lounge Cove Beach Dubai 

Rose Lounge is the ideal place to celebrate with friends at night, enjoy drinks, eat the most  delicious dishes and shisha, as it has a seating capacity for 150 people and it can also  accommodate up to 350 people for cocktails. Rose lounge Cove Beach also receives  visitors in the morning, which is characterized by a calm atmosphere interspersed with the sound  of sea waves, and accordingly visitors can reserve for business lunches or meetings. 

  • Rose Lounge Cove Dubai Beach timings: 

– Weekdays: 10:00 a.m. – 01:00 a.m. 

– Weekend: 10:00 a.m. – 03:00 a.m. 

Cove beach Dubai

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Two.O Restaurant 

The restaurant serves dishes from the western kitchen. There are also special types of seafood  prepared with international recipes. You can have your meal in the indoor or outdoor seating  overlooking sea and pool. 

You can choose from a starters menu that includes delicacies like fish soup, octopus salad,  oysters, beef tartare, sauteed prawns, king crab and beetroot salad. 

Tow.O timings: daily 10:00 am – 03:00 pm / 06:00 pm – 11:00 pm 

Cove Beach Club Dubai

Swimming pools 

You may get the chance to meet a celebrity when visiting the pools of Cove Beach Dubai, Cove  Beach Club Dubai includes 3 pools that are equipped with the finest modern and distinctive  facilities, where you can take the most beautiful pictures to look like you are visiting Maldives.  Pools are surrounded by range ofsun loungers, cabins, and hammocks, and Cove Beach visitors  get towels and pool access until sunset. 

The Cove Beach club Dubai also offers a full range of drinks that include champagne, sparkling  wine, white wine, red wine, Rose wine and Chateau Barbeirannee. 

  • Cove Beach Club Dubai timings: daily 10:00 am – sunset  

Cove Beach Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai 

The most distinctive feature of the Cove Beach is the distinguished services that you get  even when you are relaxing on the golden sands, as there a staff professionally trained to serve  visitors. It is worth noting that this distinctive landmark provides beds and sun loungers to provide  visitors with an unparalleled experience, and visitors to Cove Beach Dubai also get free towels  and beach access until sunset. 

  • Cove Beach Dubai timings: daily 10:00 am – sunset 

Cove Beach Dubai ladies day 

Wednesday is Ladies Day Cove Beach Dubai for 149 AED, at ladies day Cove Beach Dubai can  enjoy unlimited grape and house beverages along with a platter of light bites. Complimentary  sunbeds are also part of the package, but this depends on the availability. 

Cove Beach Dubai ladies day timings: Wednesdays from 12:00 pm until 05:00 pm 

Cove beach Dubai

Cove Beach Dubai entry fee 

Entry and reservation for a single sunbed is 200 AED per person, weekdays and 300 AED per  person on weekends, (100 AED redeemable on F&B) 

Note: Those under 21 years are not allowed to enter without their parents or companions,  and pre-booking is required for overcrowding in the place all days of the week.

Cove Beach Membership 

3 months membership Cove Beach Dubai  

  • Single – standard: 5000 AED 
  • Couple – standard: 8000 AED 
  • Family – standard: 10000 AED 

6 months membership Cove Beach Dubai  

  • Single – standard: 9000 AED 
  • Couple – standard: 12000 AED 
  • Family – standard: 16000 AED 

One year membership Cove Beach Dubai  

  • Single – standard: 15000 AED 
  • Couple – standard: 18000 AED 
  • Family – standard: 22000 AED 

Exclusive prices for residents of Bluewaters  

  • Single – standard: 1000 AED 
  • Couple – standard: 12000 AED 
  • Family – standard: 16000 AED 

Cove Beach Dubai Location 

Cove Beach is located on the Beach of Blue Waters Island, specifically within the cove beach  Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai area.  

Cove Beach Dubai parking is available with valet parking. 

Cove Beach Dubai contact number 

For reservations and inquiries, you can contact Cove Beach Dubai management: 6920 454 050 

It is worth noting that another branch of Cove Beach Dubai is expected to open on Al-Reem  Island, which occupies an important position within the residential and recreational areas of Abu  Dhabi. With this, we have come to the end of our article about the distinctive beach of Cove  Beach Dubai, where you can spend the most enjoyable times and attend the most beautiful  evenings with friends in the heart of the distinctive Cove Beach Caesars Palace Bluewaters Dubai Island.

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